I haven't seen Edgar Wright's movie in a while, that maybe because he directed only 2 movies since Baby Driver (2017). To my surprise his latest creation is of horror genre.


It is a bit too careful/kind/(childish?) for a horror movie, but I will hate watching all other movies for while again because of how great movie-making it is.

There are clues from the very beginning all the way to the end of the movie, some may mislead you some may not. There is substance in what you see, what you hear, in scene transitions, in brief cuts that are just the right length so you notice it but if you don't pay enough attention they may slip and you will have to wait till the end to figure everything out.

I. Love. It.

Last Night in Soho Rotten Tomatoes

I was hoping I could run my windows install both as dual-boot and inside VM on my main OS... and I can! Turns out it's just one line for virtualbox, only thing is that user has to be able to access /dev/* stuff (so needs be in disk group)

VBoxManage createmedium disk --filename='path/to/disk/file.vmdk' --variant=RawDisk --format=VMDK --property RawDrive=/dev/nvme0n1

And it just works. Useful stuff especially when migrating accounts or just for accessing some windows only stuff quickly without rebooting.

I am running whisper-asr-webservice on my always on pc among other services and today I fed it 14 seconds of noise (I was just batch feeding all recordings from interviews) and this is what whisper generated:

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,000
Zdjęcia i napisy stworzone przez społeczność Amara.org


Seems like a lot of polish subtitles that were used to train this model were created with amara

Just printed 3/8" thread to cold shoe adapter for my rode wireless mics. Really quick print on 1mm nozzle. I will probably reprint it with some ball joint or just one axis swivel eventually.